China Refrigeration 2019 - CPI Fluid Engineering BoothIt’s been an eventful week for CPI at China Refrigeration 2019 in Shanghai. We’ve been busy discussing refrigeration challenges with other industry stakeholders and promoting our Icematic® and Emkarate® brands. The industry continues to move toward a more sustainable future, and we’re proud to be an integral part.

Our own Yang Zou, Ph.D., Technical Manager-Asia Pacific Region, presented at China Refrigeration 2019 - CPI Fluid Engineering Presents at the Ozone2Climate Industry Roundtablethe Ozone2Climate Industry Roundtable about Lubricant Developments to Enable The Use of Low GWP Refrigerants. The future of refrigeration depends on innovative collaboration between technology leaders who care about reversing the effects of global warming.

Many thanks to everyone at CPI who worked tirelessly to make our presence at China Refrigeration 2019 both memorable and impactful. lowgwpnavigationpartner™ sustainablefuture cpifluidengineering