Carbon Dioxide Refrigeration Lubricants

Carbon Dioxide Lubricant Solutions

CPI has developed the Icematic® ECO Series of lubricants formulated specifically for use in refrigeration and air-conditioning compressors using CO2 refrigerants. These lubricants provide effective wear protection for steel and aluminum surfaces, protecting against corrosion and oxidation.  The benefits of using ECO lubricants include increased system life and improved efficiency.

Immiscible CO2 Systems

Some CO2 refrigeration systems designs require an immiscible lubricant solution. CPI offers the Icematic® ECO Series of lubricants for use in immiscible CO2 compressor systems. These compressor lubricants feature superior thermal and oxidative stability, enabling them to operate over a wide range of temperatures.  Additional features of these lubricants are low volatility and compatibility with mineral oils. ECO Series fluids are non-toxic and are accepted for use in food processing and packaging facilities where NSF H1 lubricants (for incidental food contact) are required.

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