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Demanding Environments

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Food and beverage production facilities can be very different from one another, each with its own set of challenges. From food processing to flash freezing, plants present a myriad of situations which require very specialized solutions. Lubricants must enable manufacturing productivity, protect the equipment from damage and defend against any possible contamination to the food. As an established leader in the industry, CPI has the experience and expertise necessary to make sure you meet these challenges with confidence.

A Plant Full of Lubrication Needs

Practically any facility involved in food production today has a very wide range of lubrication needs to keep its production process running efficiently. Hydraulic systems, air compressors, refrigeration systems, gears, chains and other mechanisms all require a lubrication solution that meet the special requirements of a food handling environment.

The Ingredients for Your Success

CPI offers NSF H1 registered lubricants for “above the line” applications where there is the possibility of incidental food contact. In addition, CPI also offers products registered ISO 21469.  For applications where there is no possibility of contact with food, CPI offers a range of NSF H2 registered lubricants, or “below the line” lubricants.

The lubricants we specially engineer for the food industry offer:

  • High viscosity index
  • Low pour points
  • Good demulsibility
  • Excellent wear & rust protection
  • Good compatibility with elastomers

All of CPI’s high performance lubricants are designed to increase equipment reliability, reduce downtime and improve throughput to ultimately improve your plant’s efficiency.

Certified Products to Meet Special Demands

CPI aims to provide a comprehensive series of food grade (FG) products that adhere to recognized health & safety regulations.  In addition to maintaining NSF H1 & H2 registrations for our FG lubricants, we have also successfully registered ISO 21469 products.  CPI has also taken steps to ensure many of our products meet the specifications of several religious or cultural groups. Our Kosher & Halal certifications allow us to better serve our broad global customer base to meet their important product needs.

ISO Certification

Expanding upon the requirements needed for H1 accreditation, the ISO 21469 standard addresses the entire lubricant manufacturing process – not just the lubricant itself.  In short, ISO 21469 evaluates lubricants in terms of:

  • Formulation and label review to ensure ingredient safety and label accuracy
  • Risk assessment to ensure the manufacturer has identified and evaluated relevant hazards in the lubricant’s manufacture and use
  • Production facility audits to confirm adherence to quality procedures and good manufacturing practices
  • Analytical testing to verify integrity of product composition

The process evaluates all aspects of the lubricant manufacturing cycle.  It accounts for the lubricant and its ingredients, as well as the manufacturing process, handling, packaging and storage.  CPI believes in maintaining the highest standards for the health & safety aspects of our products.  Offering products registered ISO 21469 adds another layer of confidence for our customers, and peace of mind for food & beverage consumers.


Members of the Jewish community of faith require the food and drink they consume to be Kosher, or “fit for use”.  This process requires not only the food or drink be Kosher, but the entire process used to make the consumables be deemed Kosher as well.  To meet these guidelines, the equipment and all of the oils, lubricants & fluids used in the process must be certified by a governing authority – in most cases by a rabbi.  CPI offers food grade lubricants that have been certified Kosher/Pareve for use in food processing operations.


In similar fashion, members of the Muslim community of faith adhere to food & drink requirements according to Islamic Law.  Food must be deemed Halal, or “permissible” before it can be consumed.  The Halal guidelines also cover the entire process used to process/produce the food – which includes the machines, oils & lubricants involved.  Certification is required in order to supply our lubricants to customers in food processing industries.  Many of CPI’s food grade lubricants are certified Halal by IFANCA (Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America).

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