Industrial Lubricants & Functional Fluids

Industrial Solutions for Challenging Applications

CPI Fluid Engineering formulates products to meet the performance demands & harsh operating conditions of many industrial applications.  Our team works with you to provide a wide spectrum of fluids to support your competitive differentiation by providing:

  • Specified fluid performance
  • Compatibility across materials, systems, processes, technologies and base fluids
  • Worldwide accreditations, knowledge of standards, and the ability to meet or exceed industry specifications
  • Manufacturing consistency and global availability
  • Breadth and depth of research, testing, and development across all major industrial applications


Focused Industrial Solutions

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Air Compressor

Specialty Gas Compressors

Food Grade

Gear & Hydraulic

Vacuum Pump

Heat Transfer Fluids

We understand the harsh demands that industrial applications put on system components such as compressors, gearboxes & pumps over a wide range of operating conditions.  Our products are designed to operate efficiently within the particular system in use.  Many of our industrial products are formulated with additives to fight rust/corrosion, maintain viscosity or enhance wear protection.  CPI’s lubricant technology and applications knowledge are strategically combined to offer our customers products and services unmatched in the following systems/applications:

Air Compressor Lubricants │ High-quality, custom blended synthetic or semi-synthetic formulations designed for anything up to and over 12,000 operational hours. These high-performance lubricants are recommended mainly for use with flooded rotary screw compressors and are mostly sold under private label for major Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM’s).

Hydrocarbon and Process Gas Compressor Lubricants │ Formulated with mineral oil, PAO (polyalphaolefin) or PAG (polyalkylene glycol), these lubricants can be used in gas gathering, transport and chemical processing applications. The key feature of these oils is the ability to withstand dilution and handle contaminants – providing trouble-free operation. CPI utilizes proprietary software to select the proper lubricant by estimating the proper dilution of hydrocarbon applications given the relevant operating conditions. CPI understands & evaluates factors such as chemical reactivity when selecting the optimum lubricant in process gas applications.

Industrial Fluids │ This product range includes synthetic gearbox lubricants featuring excellent thermal and oxidative stability, combined with superior gear load-carrying abilities.  CPI also offers hydraulic fluids, chain oils and vacuum pump oils that offer extended drain interval for overall reduced ‘cost of ownership’ economic benefits.  Fluidity is maintained at cold temperatures, and many of these products are registered with the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for incidental food contact.

Heat Transfer Fluids │ Our Paratherm fluids cover a broad range of temperature applications from minus 88° C up to 357° C. Industries that utilize these fluids include food processing, oil & gas operations, asphalt manufacturing, chemical processing, and organic material drying. We don’t just sell fluids for systems – we offer fast response, emergency delivery, system and fluid monitoring, process troubleshooting, advice on proper startup and shutdown procedures, detection and prevention of leakage, filtration specifications and more. We go deep to solve your heat transfer application challenges.

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