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Solest® Brand – A Solid Choice for HFC Refrigerant Systems

CPI’s brand of polyol ester (POE) lubricants – Solest® – is specifically formulated for use in refrigeration and air conditioning compressor systems using HFC refrigerants.  Solest® is also an excellent option for use in many systems using HFCF and HFO refrigerants under certain operating conditions.  This product line offers excellent chemical & thermal stability, good refrigerant miscibility and improved wear resistance.

Solest® Brand Series is an Excellent Choice for Many HFC, HCFC & HFO Compressor Systems

Solest® lubricants feature excellent chemical and thermal stability, good refrigerant miscibility, and a superior structure to improve wear resistance and operating life. Additionally, Solest® lubricants are backed by an experienced technical sales and support staff, so you’re assured of getting the right lubricant for your application.  Features & benefits include:


  • Thermally stable resulting in longer system life
  • Improved oil management producing system efficiency gains
  • Corrosion protection offering enhanced system reliability and reduced down-time
  • Excellent bearing lubrication for longer compressor life
  • Optimized system performance providing reduced operating costs
  • Environmentally friendly because it is biodegradable
  • Excellent lubricity for increased oil return

Replacing Lubricants in CFC & HCFC Systems

At some point, the phase out of CFC and HCFC refrigerants will require the need to replace or retrofit your existing lubricant within your compressor system.  Existing mineral oil lubricants are not miscible with HFC refrigerants, thus causing problems within the operating system.  CPI has formulated Solest® to be compatible with HFC refrigerants.  In addition, we have developed a procedure for properly retrofitting new lubricant options within existing mineral oil-based systems.  It is critical to remove as much of the mineral oil as possible, to eliminate issues with fouling and evaporator coating.  Our team has field-tested experience in assisting customers in these retrofitting situations.

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