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Corporate Responsibility is Important to CPI

At CPI we are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. That commitment involves ethical behavior, economic and environmental sustainability, and the welfare of our employees and the communities in which we operate. Our responsible citizenship approach has three general areas of focus:

  1. The environment
  2. Health and safety
  3. Community involvement

    Improving environmental performance and focusing on sustainability are not only the right things to do, but they also present important commercial opportunities that are essential to our customers’ success. The potential for mutual success is the main reason we align our sustainability efforts with our customers’ goals. Our efforts in our sustainable approach to business include:

    • Setting goals and action plans through 2020 to minimize our environmental footprint
    • Applying the guiding principles of American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® initiative as a foundation on a global basis
    • Adhering to REACH, the European Community’s regulation on chemicals and their safe use
    • Compliance to the Global Harmonized System (GHS) for material hazard classification
    • Using life cycle assessments to help generate innovations in product design, development and manufacturing processes

    Our corporate philosophy is a fundamental part of everything we do. It drives our strategy, reinvestment decisions, R&D, community involvement – and defines how we get things done. We believe in:

    • Rewarding our shareholders by providing a high return on invested capital
    • Providing superior products and outstanding service to our customers
    • Investing in research and development to maintain and improve our technical position
    • Insisting on honesty and integrity with customers, suppliers, all third parties and with one another
    • Treating each employee with dignity and a sense of worth and supporting open communication with one another
    • Supporting diversity among our employees, customers, suppliers and teams around the globe
    • Maintaining the health and safety of our employee, customers and neighbors and protecting the environment

    Certified Products – Licensing & Registration

    CPI maintains licensing & registration for a number of our product lines to be in compliance with several regulatory bodies.  These certifications allow us to meet the specific guidelines and policies of a number of different cultural groups, as well as adhere to accepted quality & safety practices. Listed below are three of the main certifications we maintain in order to better serve our broad global customer base:


    The NSF organization is a highly accredited third party international organization. They are dedicated to the development
    of public health standards and certification programs that help protect the world’s food, water, consumer products and environment.  Many of CPI’s products – specifically our food grade lubricants – are certified by NSF as safe to use in a variety of H1 and H2 food processing operations. [NSF Cert]

    ISO 21469

    Expanding upon the requirements needed for H1 accreditation, the ISO 21469 standard addresses the entire lubricant manufacturing process – not just the lubricant itself.  In short, ISO 21469 evaluates lubricants in terms of:

    • Formulation and label review to ensure ingredient safety and label accuracy
    • Risk assessment to ensure the manufacturer has identified and evaluated relevant hazards in the lubricant’s manufacture and use
    • Production facility audits to confirm adherence to quality procedures and good manufacturing practices
    • Analytical testing to verify integrity of product composition

    The process evaluates all aspects of the lubricant manufacturing cycle.  It accounts for the lubricant and its ingredients, as well as the manufacturing process, handling, packaging and storage.  CPI believes in maintaining the highest standards for the health & safety aspects of our products.  Offering products registered ISO 21469 adds another layer of confidence for our customers, and peace of mind for food & beverage consumers.


    Members of the Jewish community of faith require the food and drink they consume to be Kosher, or “fit for use”.  This process requires not only the food or drink be Kosher, but the entire process used to make the consumables be deemed Kosher as well.  To meet these guidelines, the equipment and all of the oils, lubricants & fluids used in the process must be certified by a governing authority – in most cases by a rabbi.  CPI’s food grade lubricant products have been certified Kosher & Pareve for use in food processing operations. [Kosher cert]


    In similar fashion, members of the Muslim community of faith adhere to food & drink requirements according to Islamic Law.  Food must be deemed Halal, or “permissible” before it can be consumed.  The Halal guidelines also cover the entire process used to process/produce the food – which includes the machines, oils & lubricants involved.  Certification is required in order to supply our lubricants to customers in food processing industries.  Many of CPI’s food grade lubricants are certified Halal by IFANCA (Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America). [Halal certs]


    CPI is Dedicated to Responsible Business Practices

    CPI Fluid Engineering aims to remain an industry leader in lubricant technology & solutions, while operating in a responsible manner to our customers, our employees and the environment.  The guiding principles we follow, the certifications we acquire and the general concern for safety and risk avoidance make CPI a solid business partner.  We understand that operating in a global culture means respecting the regulations and guidelines of the regions in which our customers operate.

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