The CPI Advantage

Why Partner With CPI?

Since 1971 CPI Fluid Engineering has focused on providing innovative technology in the synthetic compressor lubricant industry. Selecting the proper lubricant supplier is a crucial decision for the entire value chain of OEMs, packagers, channel partners such as distributors, and end users. We take a holistic approach to partnering with our customers. Other competitors offer parts of the overall solution, but fall short of providing comprehensive solutions. They manufacture lubricants for some applications but not all, while some offer oil testing services and others do not.  Most of them follow trends in new lubricant technology, instead of leading the way in developing new blends to meet changing market demands. CPI offers a complete solution to compressor lubricant needs while continuing to lead the way with innovative technology.

The CPI Advantage™ is not just a concept to us – it is the way we conduct all aspects of our organization. It encompasses the entire experience we give to our customers through a partnership model unmatched in the industry. The process begins by consulting our customers on their unique application demands. We understand that compressors vary depending on the specific application they are designed for – air, refrigeration and industrial systems differ in many ways and require special consideration. Our process is designed to produce a lubricant engineered to achieve the best possible results with respect to performance, efficiency and environmental concern.


Experienced, Innovative & Financially Stable

  • Trusted Experience – CPI has over 40 years of field experience with an exceptional performance record. Our team has worked with customers throughout the world, consulting on compressor lubricant solutions best suited for their applications.
  • Strategic Manufacturing Model – Our manufacturing operations are flexible & they are organized near our sales base. This allows us to focus on providing service in terms of available SKUs in CPI’s product database and private label forms. We can better serve our customers through fast response times on orders, as well as helping to bring new projects to completion faster.
  • Custom Solutions – Since CPI has such a wide product range across air, refrigeration & industrial compressor markets we are not forced into recommending a product that is not ideal for the specific application. CPI products are not tied to any specific base oil or viscosity.  Our formulations are best suited for a particular compressor system by design.
  • Efficient Problem Solving – One of CPI’s strengths is an excellent ability to solve problems efficiently for customers. Through our oil recommendation programs, and field sample analysis program we are able to identify issues and solve them quickly in the field – often the first time.
  • Financial Stability – CPI Fluid Engineering is a division of The Lubrizol Corporation. Lubrizol is a Berkshire Hathaway (BH) company, and as part of the BH family of companies, has an excellent foundation for stability and growth. CPI is here today and will be here tomorrow, and has resources to invest in the future. Investments into technology, innovation and joint customer opportunities position CPI as an ideal business partner in the specialty fluids sector.

The CPI Advantage™

Each stage of the customer relationship is important in achieving the best possible outcomes. Here are the key elements of each stage in the process:

  • Application Research – The compressor industry is not immune to changing operating system specifications, power requirements, operating efficiency, and more environmentally-friendly products. The demands from end users, regulatory agencies and others require a proactive approach to staying ahead of trends and potential market changes. CPI is dedicated to remaining a leader in developing new lubricant solutions for the ever-changing compressor industry.
  • Product Innovation – CPI consults each customer regarding their current and/or future lubricant needs. Each application requires that certain specifications be met to maintain the operation & efficiency of the compressor system.  Samples are tested & analyzed by our team of R&D engineers to determine the properties of the fluid. The data is used to determine the proper lubricant required to achieve the necessary performance outcomes desired by our customers for their applications.
  • Initial Property Testing – Physical properties of the lubricant are verified by base tests including viscosity, pour point and flash point – among others. These initial tests are the first steps in confirming the lubricant meets the needs of the application for our customer.
  • Advanced Testing – Once the basic physical properties are determined, CPI conducts more advanced testing such as PVT, ASHRAE 97, Miscibility, Falex, and Four-Ball wear tests. The resulting data provides a more advanced fluid profile to identify diluted viscosity, compatibility, wear, and other important characteristics. These are crucial next steps to determining the performance of the lubricant in the intended compressor system.
  • Compressor Lab Testing – CPI’s new state-of-the-art compressor lab is set up to run testing on multiple compressor types. Standard testing times of 500 hours and 1,000 hours – in addition to other time variants – help to determine how the lubricant works within various operating conditions & modes. These results create confidence in CPI’s process & help reduce lead time to get a properly formulated product to our customer.
  • Sales & Support – CPI has dedicated sales professionals to consult across the spectrum of air, refrigeration & industrial compressor market segments. We have strategic globally-positioned sales offices, manufacturing facilities and laboratories to support our customers throughout the entire process.  Our experience in chemical manufacturing & sales over the past 45+ years positions us as ideal partners to OEMs, packagers, distributors and end users of our lubricant products.
  • Oil Analysis Services – Analyzing the performance of fluids within an operating system is key to maximizing oil life for the compressor. By monitoring and testing the oil, systems experience less downtime and reduced costs to operate.  Our oil analysis services ensure our customers’ fluids are working well within the system. The results of the analysis can proactively identify degradation of the oil lubricant, and the system as a whole.

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