Emkarate RL®

Emkarate® RL is the Only Name You Need to Know

CPI Fluid Engineering is the world’s leading supplier of synthetic lubricants to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.  The Emkarate® RL polyol ester (POE) lubricants are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of compressor types in systems using HFC refrigerants.  This product series has OEM approvals across multiple industry segments:

  • Appliance
  • Large Industrial Systems
  • Air Conditioning (Residential, Commercial & Transport)
  • Automotive
  • Aftermarket Applications

More than one billion compressors worldwide have been filled with Emkarate® RL.  The diverse range of viscosity, coupled with reliability and performance have made it the choice for HFC refrigerant compressor systems.

Brand Assurance

Emkarate RL®Anti-Counterfeit System

Outstanding Features & Benefits

Every compressor system design requires careful consideration to the type of lubricant used to mix with the refrigerant being utilized.  In systems where HFC refrigerants are used, traditional mineral oil lubricants are not compatible.  The Emkarate® RL series of lubricants are specifically formulated to provide the following features & benefits: 

Outstanding Miscibility

Optimal HFC system performance requires the refrigerant and lubricant to mix, forming a single clear phase.  When this occurs, the viscosity of the lubricant is lowered so that it more efficiently returns to the compressor.

Excellent Chemical & Thermal Stability

Sealed tube results (ASHRAE-97) indicate that Emkarate® RL lubricants provide excellent stability in the presence of HFC refrigerants.  In addition, they also show no adverse effects to metals & other materials of construction.

Improved Physical Properties Over Mineral Oils

Emkarate® RL provides improved physical properties versus traditional mineral oils such as viscosity index, flash and fire points as well as pour point.

Better System Performance

This product series offers superior wear protection for greater reliability in the operation of the compressor system.  In addition, it provides greater lubricity and improved energy efficiency, helping

Emkarat® RL Refrigeration Lubricant
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