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The Power of CPI Behind Your Products

CPI Fluid Engineering is a leading manufacturer of private label lubricants, industrial fluids & other specialty products.  We partner with OEMs, packagers and distributors in a variety of industries across the globe.  Our 40+ years of experience in the lubricant industry – combined with our strengths in manufacturing, packaging & logistics – make CPI a trusted partner in product development & sales.

Are you looking to expand your product portfolio in specific market segments?  Have you considered an aftermarket lubricant or fluid to offer your customer base?  CPI has partnered with well-known organizations and small suppliers alike to develop product offerings that help increase market share and grow bottom-line revenues.  However, our services aren’t limited to only developing ideal lubricants/fluids for our private label customers.  We have the capabilities to engineer the fluid, package the product in a multitude of container sizes & label it with your organization’s branding – including logo and company info.  In addition, CPI is capable of warehousing the product, shipping it out & much more.  Our  customers know the value behind The CPI Advantage™, and what it means to the success of their business.

Select an Existing Product or Partner with CPI to Develop a Solution

It all starts with selecting the right product(s) to meet the demands of the specific application.  CPI offers a portfolio of hundreds of options for compressor lubricants, industrial fluids and specialty products.  Often, we can identify an existing product to provide through private label services that meets the demands of a specific market need.  Our portfolio of products covers a multitude of industries and applications including:

  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lubricants
  • Industrial Lubricants & Fluids
  • Air Compressor Lubricants
  • Hydrocarbon & Process Gas Compressor Lubricants
  • Heat Transfer Fluids
  • industrial Greases & Metalworking Fluids

CPI utilizes a range of base fluid chemistries to ensure our lubricants are engineered to best match the intended application.  These include:

  • Alkylbenzenes
  • Alkyl Napthalenes
  • Polyol Esters
  • Diesters
  • Polyalkylene Glycols
  • Polyalphaolefins
  • Hydrocracked Isodewaxed Mineral Oil
  • Naphthenic Mineral Oil

CPI can custom design blends of these various base fluids to meet exacting specifications.  In addition, we can blend in specific additives to combat corrosion, reduce oil loss, improve performance and enhance a number of other conditions.  In other words, our chemistry combined with your brand results in products engineered to perform.  Whatever option you choose – an existing product or a custom engineered fluid – rest assured that CPI is your single source private label solutions provider.

Marketing Assistance & Brand Support

CPI Fluid Engineering has been in the business of engineering lubricant solutions for over 40 years.  Engineering the perfect lubricant solution through research, testing & manufacturing is critical to providing a product with commercial appeal.  Supporting the product with proper data, literature & a solid marketing strategy is a crucial next step.  CPI offers a full range of marketing & support services to help our customers grow their private label product revenues.  Our services include:

  • Product Literature Design including:
    • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
    • Product Data Sheets (PDS)
    • Brochures
    • Sell sheets
    • Case studies (when available)
  • Sales & Marketing Training featuring:
    • Product chemistry, performance & safety
    • Market segment information & analysis
    • Customer-facing sales presentations (MS Office)

Why Private Label?

In business it makes sense to do what you’re good at.  Most of our private label customers are experts in designing, manufacturing & servicing components or entire compressor systems.  They rely on CPI to engineer the lubricants that help those systems operate efficiently, reduce environmental impact & outperform competitors’ products in a particular segment.  They continue to grow their brand and capture market share by utilizing the resources and technical expertise CPI is able to offer.

The CPI Private Label Advantage

The process of manufacturing, selling & supporting lubricants requires considerable resources, an innovative spirit and industry knowledge – among other things.  Products must be tested & approved for use in the intended application or system design.  In many cases, they are also required to be registered or certified to meet the demanding specifications of regulatory bodies worldwide.  CPI meets all the requirements necessary to be a leading global provider of lubricant solutions.  To sum it up, a CPI partnership can offer your organization the following advantages:


  • Specified fluid performance
  • Compatibility across materials, systems, processes, technologies & base fluids
  • Worldwide accreditation, knowledge of standards & the ability to exceed industry specifications
  • Manufacturing consistency & global availability of product(s)
  • Breadth & depth of research, testing and development across all major industrial applications
CPI Chemistry + Your Brand Identity = Products Engineered to Perform
CPI Products are Registered & Certified – Saving You Time, Effort & Expense

The ability to offer lubricant solutions to customers around the world requires that products be manufactured to the highest quality.  It also requires those products to meet or exceed health & safety standards set by organizations and regulatory agencies. Understanding these standards and taking the necessary measures to submit products for testing/analysis is a considerable effort.  We have products registered under several ISO standards, including  ISO 21469, as well as NSF registrations and Halal & Kosher certifications.  Learn more about all of the standards CPI adheres to on our Global Compliance page.

Complete Product Support Services – “From Chemistry to Container”

Our private branding customers value the full spectrum of services CPI has to offer.  Not only do they rely on us to deliver high-quality finished products, but many of them utilize our compliment of product packaging, shipment & support services.  The benefits to our customers include:

  • All product details handled under one roof versus the hassle of working with several companies
  • Existing relationships with industry partners to streamline delivery of the products & ensure quality
  • Resources & technical expertise to handle challenging projects and find solutions

In short, partnering with CPI allows our customers to focus on their core competencies while we do what we do best – engineer lubricants.  Our aim is to provide superior technology, service & support throughout the entire product life cycle.  You won’t find our name on them, but our chemistry is responsible for some of the best products available across the industries we serve.

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