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The Refrigerant Market Has Evolved

The phase-out of ozone-depleting CFC & HCFC refrigerants has been a positive step toward preserving our environment. However, it left users of the new generation of alternative refrigerants – specifically HFCs – wondering what lubricants would replace mineral oils for use in refrigeration compressor systems. From the first hint of the CFC/HCFC phase-out, CPI Fluid Engineering recognized the potential for synthetic lubricants. We immediately began the search for synthetic lubricant formulations that would meet the needs of emerging refrigerants.

Since then, CPI has been leading the way in offering lubricant technology solutions for use in the ever-changing refrigeration compressor industry.  We were the first major producer of polyol ester (POE), developed specifically for environmentally-safer refrigerants as replacements for CFCs & HCFCs.  The Emkarate® and Solest® brands are recognized globally as leaders in the synthetic lubricant market.

HFC Refrigeration Lubricants - CPI Fluid Engineering

Over a Billion Compressors Filled with Emkarate®

The Emkarate® RL line of synthetic POE products are specifically formulated to provide effective wear protection for bearing surfaces resulting in improved efficiency.  The combination of low-temperature characteristics and thermal stability allow the use of Emkarate® RL products over a wide variety of operating temperatures.  Its outstanding properties are trusted by OEMs for appliance, large industrial systems, air conditioning (residential, commercial & transport) – as well as automotive and aftermarket applications.

CPI Is Your Source for HFC Refrigeration Lubricants

HFC refrigerants are used in a variety of refrigeration and air-conditioning applications, and CPI has custom formulated lubricants for all of them.  Discover what the CPI Advantage™ means for your business – lubricant innovation and collaboration that is unmatched in the industry today. Contact us to learn more about the solutions we offer for HFC refrigeration lubricants.

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