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Complete Lubricant Solutions for HCFC Refrigerants


HFCFs Still In Use Despite Being Phased Out

CPI Fluid Engineering has been at the forefront of compressor lubricant technology for more than 45 years and has a comprehensive line of products to meet your lubricant needs for HCFC refrigeration systems. Generally speaking, the use of HCFC refrigerants is in decline globally due to their high global warming potential (GWP).  However, phase-out schedules were designed to be staggered by region/nation to keep political and socio-economic factors in mind.  Some regions simply cannot shift to alternate refrigerant options due to mitigating factors such as economy or availability of supply.  Therefore, the use of HCFC refrigerants continues in the short term for refrigeration and a/c applications.  CPI offers lubricant solutions for all HCFC systems & operating conditions in regions where they are still utilized.

HCFC Refrigeration Lubricants - CPI Fluid Engineering

Naphthenic oils are made from crude oil distillates and are rich in cyclo-paraffins (also referred to as naphthenes). The paraffin content in these oils is low, which gives them an inherently low pour point and do not require solvent dewaxing. They are commonly used in HCFC refrigeration & air conditioning applications. 


Mineral Oil

Mineral oil lubricants are designed for use as cost-effective fluids in general refrigeration applications. The fluid is refined from carefully chosen wax-free naphthenic crude oil base stocks to ensure the optimum quality product.

CPI’s mineral oil product line is formulated from a premium selection of highly refined mineral oil base stocks to give a product with outstanding behavior in refrigeration & air conditioning systems. Free of wax and other impurities, refrigeration fluid has very good stability characteristics. This product line is applicable in a wide range of refrigeration & air conditioning applications.

Synthetic Lubricant Formulations

In applications where mineral oils do not meet the lubrication requirements, CPI has developed a comprehensive line of synthetic lubricants.  Our synthetic product line covers all HCFC refrigeration & air-conditioning systems. 


Synthetic Blend Options for R-22

Lenoil refrigeration fluids are a unique blend of synthetic and mineral oil base stocks, designed to give optimum performance in a variety of refrigeration systems. In addition to their outstanding stability with R-12 and R-22, lenoil fluids also offer a high degree of compatibility with these refrigerants, making them suitable for use at low temperatures where conventional mineral oil-based products often fail.


Alkylbenzene (AB) Options for R-22

CPI’s alkylbenzene-based synthetic refrigeration fluids provide improved lubrication at both high and low temperatures. These products exhibit reduced volatility, good chemical inertness, hydrolytic stability, and are compatible with mineral oils and equipment designed for use with mineral oils. These lubricants were specially designed as an improvement over traditional mineral oils in refrigeration applications, due to excellent low-temperature properties.



CPI offers ester-based lubricant formulations designed for use in refrigeration applications. These fluids offer advantages such as excellent natural lubricity, low dilution, and feature excellent thermal and chemical stability with HCFC refrigerants. Complete miscibility at low temperatures assures lubricant return from flooded evaporators and better exchanger efficiency.

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