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CPI’s Lubricant Technology & Application Knowledge Combine for a Superior Partnership

CPI Fluid Engineering is dedicated to partnering with our customers to provide a wide spectrum of lubricant product & service solutions.  Our ability to leverage our resources as a division of The Lubrizol Corporation (a Berkshire Hathaway company) provides a framework to partner with customers in four major focus areas specific to lubricants, industrial fluids & heat transfer oils.  We are ready to help in any or all areas – seeking partnerships with companies that understand the value of The CPI Advantage™ – to expand market share and grow revenues for our customers. The four major areas that CPI focuses on providing solutions for are Lubricant Engineering, Lubricant Packaging, Lubricant Marketing & Lubricant Monitoring.

Lubricant Engineering

CPI offers our customers the ability to choose from an existing portfolio of products, designed to meet system and/or application requirements across a wide variety of industries.  We have over 40 years of research, design and on-site problem solving skills backing our lubricant recommendations.  More importantly, our resources combined with those 40 years of experience allow us to custom engineer solutions when an existing product does not match the specifications of the system/application.  The benefits of working with CPI to find custom solutions for every situation are:


  • Dozens of Base Stock Oils on Siteensures best fit for application
  • Custom Blending Capabilitiesvarious viscosity grades, base stock formulations & additives
  • Technology Team Collaborates with Customerleveraging CPI experience, expertise & problem solving
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment Determines Advanced Fluid Profileanalytical testing; product stability; advanced testing

Lubricant Packaging

We are a single-source provider for all product packaging, labeling & logistics.  All of our customer types – OEMs, packagers, distributors and private label clients – benefit from our packaging expertise.  CPI handles all the global compliance aspects of product chemistry, safe packaging and shipping – including warehouse storage in facilities around the world.  Our products are registered & certified with recognized health & safety organizations to solidify our commitment to being a responsible corporation.

CPI offers a wide range of packaging size options for products, including several color choices and complete label design/placement services.  Some of the major benefits of CPI’s ability to handle lubricant packaging include:


  • Production/Manufacturing/Warehousing Globally Positioned – strategically customer-focused locations & sales operations
  • Wide Range of Container Sizes – bulk, drums, totes, Small Packaging – 250 mL to 1 gallon
  • State-of-the-Art Packaging Equipment & Technology – automated Pail Fillers; In-House Label Printing; POE pack under nitrogen
  • Globally Compliant Systems & ProceduresREACH, GHS, ISO, Food Grade Registrations & Certifications

Lubricant Marketing

CPI has been engineering custom lubricant and industrial fluid solutions since 1971.  We have consulted on projects ranging from simple lubricant formulation changes to complex compressor system failures.  Our knowledge of industries such as Refrigeration/AC, Industrial Air Compressors and Specialty Gas Compression allows us to advise our customers to best position products.  Understanding the chemistry behind the products is critical when discussing best application uses and system compatibility.  CPI can provide the following to help our customers market their products/services in a competitive global marketplace:


  • Experienced Sales Team – expert product knowledge & market awareness ready to consult on any project
  • Brand & Product ManagementCPI offers more than 40 years of industry experience & market research
  • Marketing Materials & Support – brochures; safety data sheets (SDS); product data sheet (PDS); digital brand & product awareness; private label services
  • Sales & Product Training – specific product training & support; customer-facing sales presentations; market & audience analysis

Lubricant Monitoring

Monitoring the performance of your compressor lubricants through routine oil analysis is a relatively easy way to ensure consistent equipment operation.  CPI can consult on a lubricant monitoring strategy for customers at all levels – OEM, distributor & end user.  Our access to state-of-the-art lab equipment & software allows us to provide quick turnaround on submitted oil samples, and a user-friendly interface for data/analysis reporting.  The many benefits of regular fluid monitoring services include:


  • Extend Equipment Life & Improve Reliability – ensures that proper lubrication is present within the system & detects potential issues before they become worse, cause excessive wear or worse yet – cause system failure
  • Prolong Lubricant Life – proper sampling and analysis can determine if the fluid needs to be treated for any number of issues potentially maximizing the drain cycle time at longer intervals
  • Improve Operational Efficiency – minimizes machine downtime through identification of problems before they affect the system

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