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Our diverse range of products impacts everyday life in ways that most people wouldn’t even consider. Simple concepts like maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home, or enjoying fresh food are made possible in part because of our fluids.  We help bring energy efficiently into homes, businesses, and industry by assisting the processes of providing natural gas & electricity.  CPI’s products are involved in practically every step in the food processing and cold chain storage/transportation industries.

There are countless other facets of daily life we help to improve.  We are proud of our innovative spirit and hard work put forth into safely processing, packaging and supplying products across the globe. Our vision is to Enhance Modern Life Through Fluid Engineering.


CPI engineers fluid solutions for challenging compression & heat transfer applications.  Our aim is to leverage our technical resources, experience, and thought-leadership to partner with customers who desire growth & improvement.  We excel at solving complex problems, and our talented technical team is always ready to take on the next challenge. Our mission is to Advance Industries We Serve by Providing World-Class Engineered Performance Fluids, Unmatched Customer Support & Innovative Collaboration.

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We provide solutions for a vast array of markets across the globe.  Our technology can be found in the processing of hydrocarbons and natural gas, where dilution and contaminants demand special considerations.  CPI supplies a diverse range of solutions for compressed air applications, covering a variety of compressor types and system requirements.  The refrigeration and air conditioning industries are diverse and challenging, yet CPI leads the way with world-class solutions for all market segments.  We serve food & beverage processing operations by providing tailored solutions meeting strict food-grade criteria and through our Paratherm™ product offerings.  We are global experts in engineering fluids for challenging applications in heat transfer and compression.

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