HFO & HFO Blend Refrigeration Lubricants

HFO Refrigerants Offer Lower GWP Impacts

Refrigerant manufacturers have been working to formulate refrigerant options with lower GWP properties for the past couple of decades.  The progression from CFCs and HCFCs (phased out because of their ozone-depleting elements) to HFCs has been a step in the right direction towards more environmentally-friendly refrigerants.  However, HFCs are now under scrutiny for their higher GWP values and are being phased out under regulatory mandates.  As a result, manufacturers have identified hydrofluoroolefins (HFOs) as an alternative because of their more favorable chemistry & lower GWP values.

HFOs have a  double bond, which allows them to break down more easily in the atmosphere, yet are stable for use in refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.  Typically, they are also characterized as having good thermal stability and material compatibility.  HFOs offered a safer, sustainable and cost-effective refrigerant option.  Examples of HFO refrigerants would be R-1234ze(E) and R-1234yf.

HFO and HFO Blend Refrigeration Lubricants - CPI Fluid Engineering

HFO Blends

In order to meet the demands of refrigeration systems today – along with balancing environmental impact – HFOs blended with other refrigerant gases have been gaining in popularity.  Blending HFOs with other gases allows refrigerant gas manufacturers to offer low GWP options that can be utilized as drop-in replacements in systems currently using HCFCs & HFCs.


The Right Lubricant to Meet Your System & Application Demands

CPI has collaborated with refrigerant gas manufacturers and leading refrigeration OEMs to develop lubricant solutions for systems utilizing HFOs and HFO blends.  In many applications, CPI recommends our Emkarate and Solest brand series as options for use in systems where HFOs and HFO blends are used.  Their chemistry offers favorable lubricant properties that make them the best choice for these lower GWP gases.  CPI is continually researching & testing next generation solutions.  If the system demands cannot be met with one of our current lubricant products, we will customize a lubricant for the application.

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