Enhance Modern Life

Our diverse range of solutions impacts everyday life in ways that most people don’t understand. We’re driven by our company vision.

Refrigeration Lubricants

CPI’s portfolio of Icematic®, Emkarate RL®, and Solest® brand solutions meet all refrigeration and a/c application needs.

Specialty Gas Solutions

CPI offers lubricant recommendations and expert advice for challenging hydrocarbon and process gas applications.

Food Grade Solutions

Health and safety in food processing are vital.  CPI offers a comprehensive line of food grade products with many NSF H1/H2 registered & Halal/Kosher certified options.

Industrial Fluids

Our complete portfolio of industrial solutions includes lubricants for air & gas compression, heat transfer oils, and functional fluids to keep your equipment running smoothly.

CPI Fluid Engineering Enhances Modern Life

Our Vision

Our diverse range of products impacts everyday life in ways that most people wouldn’t even consider. Simple concepts like maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home, or enjoying fresh food are made possible in part because of our fluids.  We help bring energy…

Our Mission

CPI engineers fluid solutions for challenging compression and heat transfer applications. Our aim is to leverage our technical resources, experience, and thought-leadership to partner with customers who desire growth & improvement. We excel at solving complex problems, and our…

Our Markets

We provide solutions for a vast array of markets across the globe. Our technology can be found in the processing of hydrocarbons and natural gas, where dilution and contaminants demand special considerations. CPI supplies a diverse range of solutions for compressed…

Enhancing Life

Counterfeit Compressor Lubricants Damage the Entire Value Chain

Counterfeit Compressor Lubricants Damage the Entire Value Chain

Counterfeit goods have been around for a very long time.  Not only is consumer demand increasing for less expensive “knock-off” or “replica” products, but availability of these “fakes” is growing as well – especially in the digital age.  While paying less for goods that appear to be genuine...

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