• CPI is Founded

    CPI is Founded

    CPI Engineering Services is founded by William & Lorraine Miller to provide engineering consulting services, mechanical hardware & a limited number of specialized synthetic lubricants.

  • Leading the Industry

    CPI Solutions

    CPI becomes the 1st commercial supplier of synthetic lubricants for air compressor applications.

  • Solest® Brand Launches

    CPI Solutions

    The Solest® brand product line of refrigeration lubricants launches.

  • Major Milestone

    CPI Solutions

    Annual sales reach a significant milestone after 10 years in business signaling potential for long-term growth.

  • Consistent Growth

    CPI Solutions

    Annual sales grow by tenfold in a little over 10 years confirming sustainable growth for CPI at close to 25 years in business.

  • CPI Acquired by Lubrizol

    CPI Solutions

    CPI becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of The Lubrizol Corporation, a Berkshire Hathaway company.

  • CPI Merges with Anedco

    CPI Solutions

    Anedco (another subsidiary of The Lubrizol Corporation) merges with CPI resulting in strategic expansions of blending capabilities and geographic positioning for new market exploration.

  • Lubrizol Acquires Emkarate® Business from Croda

    CPI Solutions

    Lubrizol acquires the refrigeration business of Croda International Plc. & integrates the Emkarate® brand into CPI’s product portfolio.

  • Unprecedented Growth

    CPI Solutions

    Ignited by the success of the refrigeration business, CPI continues to experience year-over-year growth and reaches a benchmark revenue milestone after nearly 40 years in business.

  • CPI Acquires Paratherm®

    CPI Solutions

    CPI acquires Paratherm, a King of Prussia, PA based business specializing in heat transfer fluid technology.

  • Expansion Leads to More Opportunities

    Expansion Leads to More Opportunities

    CPI completes a year-long expansion project adding over 18,000 square feet to their Midland, MI facilities. In total, CPI adds over 100,000 square feet of new manufacturing, lab, and office space during a multi-year period.

  • CPI Brand Refresh

    CPI Solutions

    A brand refresh campaign launches with the intent to better represent CPI’s core strengths and strong value delivered to customers. CPI Engineering Services becomes CPI Fluid Engineering and a new logo, colors, and company identity components are introduced.

  • New Icematic® Brand Launches

    CPI Solutions

    CPI introduces Icematic® – the largest product launch in company history aimed at providing lubricants & technology solutions for Refrigeration and A/C applications using low GWP refrigerants.

  • 50 Years

    50 Years

    CPI celebrates 50 years of Enhancing Modern Life through innovative chemistry, expert problem-solving abilities, and collaborative work with key industry partners.